Hypnotherapy is a form of communication therapy that takes place whilst the client is in a state of hypnosis. The client and the therapist will have had  a consultation about the things that the client wishes to address and the therapist will formulate a session to help guide the client to use their own imagination and make the changes to subconscious thoughts and patterns that no longer serve them.  The client is in control at all times and will only make the changes that he/she chooses to make.  Hypnosis can be applied to a wide range of subjects from child birth to fears or phobia, smoking cessation to public speaking. Hypnosis can change your life if that is what you are looking for and there are no limits to the potential benefits to be gained using hypnosis.
Many people are now discovering the benefits of hypnotherapy including the Duchess of Cambridge, who reportedly used it for assisting in a natural and calm childbirth,  to sports men/women and public figures who find it useful for focusing and enhancing performance.  It is also rumoured that Winston Churchill used post hypnotic suggestions to help him stay awake at night when he was Prime Minister.
Hypnosis as we know it has been around for a long time but there are indications in history to lead us to believe that people having been using it in one form or another possibly for thousands of years, Ancient Sanskrit texts are said to report the use of trance to aid healing.
Many misconceptions exist about the Hypnotic state and if you are wondering what it is like to be hypnotised, it is a little like daydreaming or become so absorbed in a book or a film that you are completely oblivious to everything else.  In fact we all drift in and out of hypnosis several times a day without even realising it.  And just like those moments of daydreaming or becoming absorbed should anything happen that requires urgent attention you will “snap out” of the trance state and be instantly alert and able to deal with any situation.  You, the client, are always in control. And the beauty of hypnosis is that it is completely natural and safe.
In hypnosis the subconscious mind is address while the conscious mind is resting thereby allowing the suggestions to be accepted subconsciously without criticism.  The subconscious part of our mind it where our “programming” is and it is these “programs” that often create the behaviours we are trying to change.

Make the changes you want to make.  Live Life Happy