Hypnobirthing 2017

I have now delivered the last of my Hypnotherapy Assisted Childbirth Sessions for 2017, and eagerly await the news of this baby due to be born before the end of December.  It has been quite a year for babies this year and it has been my privilege to be part of so many peoples journey into parenthood.   As many of you know it was the reason I first decided to become a Hypnotherapist and it continues to be a delight to see how well all these Mum’s cope in their own individual way.  I like to think that between us we are doing away with the common perception that childbirth is something to fear and dread and showing that however you deliver your baby it should be a precious and wonderful memory.

Looking forward to 2018 and helping many more of you in any way I can.

Love and Peace to all.

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