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Hypnobirthing Courses

Tailored for each parent according to their own requirements 

Aim for a calm peaceful and focused birth for you and your baby.

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Choose your own package from individual sessions focusing on relaxation and developing a deep understanding that your body is designed to give birth and knows exactly what to do, to the full 10 hour Hypnobirthing Course which is a complete and in depth antenatal training and relaxation package designed to educate parents and instil confidence during birth.

Both you and your baby deserve the best birth experience you can have and studies have shown that hypnotherapy for childbirth can help you achieve that.  Hypnobirthing is becoming ever more popular with expectant Mothers who are looking to achieve as natural birth as possible.  Simple breathing techniques and relaxation are known to make a huge difference to childbirth.   Hypnobirthing combines these methods along with educating parents about what is actually happening to the mothers body during delivery  and  encouraging a positive belief that this is a natural process that the female body is designed to carry out.  You will learn about the options available to you in different situations which will enable you to make an informed choice,

Tranquil Mind Mama offers the new Mother a way of taking control of her own experience throughout her labour and gives her birth partner a tangible role.  Fathers, Co-parents or birth partners also gain a clear understanding of what is happening within the mothers body and learn to take up their own role as the mothers advocate supporting her needs as she focuses on the job in hand.

 All of this works alongside the medical care you receive from your doctors and midwives who are there to monitor, advise and help you.  Statistics have shown that hypnobirthing mothers have shorter and easier deliveries with lower rates of pain relief and intervention.  Midwives are very supportive of hypnobirthing and often comment on how effective it is.

The full course is approximately 10 – 12 hours long and usually delivered over 2 days (although this can be adapted).  The cost is for the Mother and her birth partner, if she has one.   Also included in the course fee is a copy of the KGH Book by Katharine Graves, Audios for relaxation, course handouts and notes for you to refer to, including relaxation scripts for your partner to use. Available on request is a shorter version suitable for couples who have undertaken NCT antenatal classes or those who wish to attend for whatever reason and a refresher course for couples who have previously used Hypnobirthing.  And for any Mothers who have particular concerns or issues, or who simply wish to focus on relaxation techniques, individual sessions can be arranged to address these separately.

Note:  I have tried to keep my prices reasonable and fair, the full course is quite long and very informative and this is reflected in the price and as much as I would love to teach this for nothing we all need to pay our bills.  None the less it is my aim to make Hypnobirthing accessible to everyone, if you are interested in this course but the cost is an issue please do get in touch and if I can help I will.

I do hope that this has answered any questions you may have but please do feel free to contact me for more details.