Hypnotherapy for Pain

Pain is usually either acute or  chronic.  Acute pain is generally from a current illness or injury and chronic pain is long standing.  Hypnotherapy can work alongside your medical care to help deal pain.   If you have been experiencing long term pain it is worth looking at the mind-body connection.  It is believed that all pain is actually felt in the brain and most people are aware of the powerful connection between mind and bod.  If a client has been living with pain for a long time this can have a serious affect on their mood.  As a Hypnotherapist there are many different approaches to helping a client to cope with pain which can be used along side the care provided by your Doctor.   Every clients experience is different and following in depth consultation I would suggest an approach to help you practically manage the condition.  This combination of care very often improves the clients outcomes.

When considering Hypnotherapy be sure to tell your Doctor.  Most Doctor’s are very supportive of holistic therapies and understand the benefits that they can contribute to a persons overall sense of well being.