Indian Head Massage

Traditional Indian head massage originally included just a massage of the scalp and hair. Modern Indian head massages include neck, face and shoulders as well. Those who receive an Indian head massage with me may sit up and remain clothed, or may removed some clothing and have the massage laying down to include the back.  The use of oils is optional.  As with all massage treatments each practitioner will have their own way of performing any treatment and use their intuition to guide them and therefore no 2 massages will ever be the same.  This treatment is very flexible and whichever way it is performed the client will enjoy a relaxing and beneficial massage. 

In India head massage, known as champissage, has been used for centuries for cleansing, relaxation and medical purposes. The practice began with women using it to treat their daughters’ hair and often you might find 3 generations or more sitting behind each other performing this wonderfully nurturing and beneficial massage. Barbers have also used it as part of the process to cut their male clients’ hair. The tradition has been passed on in Indian families for centuries.

Indian head massages was confined to India until native Indian Narendra Mehta traveled to England in 1973 to study physical therapy.  Reputedly he was disappointed to find that this practice was not available and he began offering the head massage in England and it spread to other Western countries as more people learned the technique. Mehta also expanded the tradition to a more holistic massage of the head, neck and shoulder region. He used his heightened sensitivity as a blind man to identify the other areas related to the head that would also benefit from the massage. 

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