K G Hypnobirthing Teacher Training now complete.

This has been a fabulous week for me.  I completed the K G Hypnobirthing Teacher Training Programme and I am really excited about all that I have learnt.  I can wait to start passing this on to the Parents who come to me.

K G Hypnobirthing is a comprehensive complete package with information on all aspects of childbirth.  It is designed to build knowledge and with that the confidence to make choices that are right for the individual.  It also helps parents to realise how well equipped the female body is for this process and with deep relaxation and breathing techniques helps the mother to achieve this.  Many hypnobirthing Mothers have much shorter and more straight forward deliveries with little discomfort.

I have long been advocating for Hypnobirthing and all that I have learnt recently reinforces my strong beliefs.  Its time to get back to believing in our own abilities to birth our babies without intervention.

You and your baby deserve the best possible experience.  Live Life Happy

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