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I have always been fascinated by the connection between the mind and the body and as a result sort help from hypnotherapy some years ago. The difference a simple treatment made to me changed my life so much that I decided to train to become a hypnotherapist myself. Having realised the benefits first hand, I have gone on to experience the huge rewards of being able to help other people make changes to improve their life.  I have a particular interest in working with Childbirth, in fact it was my daughter-in-laws pregnancy that prompted me to train in this field, however, along the way I discovered how rewarding and successful it is to work with anxiety, phobias and many other issues. Helping other people to overcome their own difficulties and move forward in life is a privilege.

Hypnotherapy is an entirely holistic approach and each session is tailored uniquely for the individual, following a detailed consultation.  As individuals we are constantly changing and growing and hypnotherapy is completely in tune with that path, it is adaptable for most situations, problems or conditions.

Whether your issue is an unwanted habit, a fear/phobia, anxiety, a physical condition, a mental block or emotional difficulty, I firmly believe that hypnotherapy can make the difference for you as it has for me and many others.  Come along for a chat/consultation with no obligation at all.  What have you got to lose?

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