I just wanted to express my thanks to Liz for helping with my arachnophobia. I could tell the difference in my reaction to spiders within days and my husband remarked on how different my behaviour was. It’s wonderful not to feel nervous and fearful doing basic things like moving logs in the garden. I would recommend hypnotherapy to anyone. Thank you

3 1/2 years I took a job on, normal job thought nothing about absolutely loved it!
A year in things changed not only my job role but the manager was mental bullying me! Never did good enough and I was physically drained!
I went through a very dark patch where I didn’t even want to leave the house, always calling in sick. I just couldn’t face the fear!
Enough was a enough I packed it in no job is worth a mental illness, but it was too late. By then I was suffering from anxiety & panic attacks.
I was off work for 3 months, locked myself in couldn’t even bring myself to go for a walk never mind to the shops.
I finally pulled myself together to go to work ( for a different company) wasn’t the nicest places to work but it built my confidence back up.
I never had confidence to fight against the Anxiety ( the demon inside of me) after failing to solve the problem with doctors and tablets. I just thought it was going to be my way of life.
Until Liz brought the spark back in my life! She did two hypnotherapy class & I am definitely on the road to recovery! I cant thank you enough!!!
I went on a weeks holiday with no problems & went on my first family outing today for the first time in 3years! I loved it!
I just want say thank you to my whole family & friends for standing by me, specially James for putting up with my melt downs & Liz for believing / fixing me!
I love you all!! & cant thank you all enough.
1 in 5 people have anxiety in many different ways but I just want to say to you never give up! There IS a light at the end of the tunnel!

I have contacted Liz now on two occasions for various matters. Taking the first step is quite difficult but Liz very quickly made me feel calm and at ease. Liz was easy to talk to and explained the process to me before recommending a form tailored to help me. After each session I left feeling amazing and confident in myself – and wishing I had got in touch sooner 🙂 Thank you Liz x

I had the pleasure of visiting Liz for a session of hypnotherapy for my fear of flying, which has since been cured, I can’t recommend her enough! Such a kind and genuine lady x

I had a extremely warming and welcoming greeting by Liz last Thursday at Estilo in Epworth. My thoughts are you have to see it to believe it, and after spending an hour in her company I definitely believe it. This special lady seems determined to help you, all you have to do is help yourself my getting in touch with her. Thanks again Liz

I would highly recommend hypno birthing to any pregnant mum to be, it defiantly help me during my labour, I can not thank Liz enough for her help x

Massive thanks to Liz Hargreaves for helping me conquer my lifetime phobia of masks. So many years being crazy around this time of year and not being able to shop until now! Even had my first Halloween experience

Loved my hypnotherapy session with Liz, she is so professional and made me feel totally relaxed and at ease! Would highly recommend her.

Liz came to visit me in Bologna and I had the opportunity to have a hypnotherapy session with her. I have experienced self hypnosis and self guided meditation but have never experienced such a level of relaxation and calming state of mind that I did during my hypnotherapy session with Liz. She provided me with useful coping techniques that help me get through daily life in a more calm and stress-free way. I would highly recommend Liz and will definitely be having another hypnotherapy with her. Thank you so much!

Myself and my husband came to see Liz for a Hypnobirthing course ahead of the birth of our first baby. It was amazing- we both gained so confidence about the birth and it was lovely to take time out during the pregnancy to relax entirely and see Liz. When it came time for birth Liz’s techniques and more importantly her CD she made for us kept me really calm and let me get some sleep in between contractions over the 4 day labour! It was so important to me to keep some control and Hypnobirthing with Liz allowed me this at the most important time of or lives. I can’t thank her enough for that, Rachel.

I was afraid of flying and Liz had worked miracles with a friend of mine so I thought I would give it a go. It was a lovely relaxing experience and Liz put me at ease straight away. Even after one session it definitely helped me. I wouldn’t say my fear has completely gone but I feel I deal with flying so much better now and found my last trip aboard so much more enjoyable. I used to dread the couple of days in the run up to a holiday as hated the thought of getting on a flight and the last time I went away I had none of that on the flight itself I felt much more calm and able to control any feelings of fear that did arise. Life’s too short to live in fear of something so I would definitely recommend Liz to anyone wanting to overcome their fears! Thank you




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