Weight Loss


Trying to lose weight can be a frustrating and upsetting business when it is not successful.  It is not unusual to get into a cycle of dieting and overeating.  This often leads to many mixed emotions including lack of self-esteem.  We are surrounded by information about the next wonder diet to help you overcome these things and consequently we often find ourselves obsessing about food.

If you have been on this merry go round for some time you may be ready for a different approach.  Hypnotherapy is not about offering you a diet plan but about changing your attitude to food and the way you eat.  Changing your entire thought process around food.  After consultation and learning about your feeling towards your body and the food you eat your therapist will develop a unique hypnotherapy session for you targeting the subconscious thought you hold your therapist will help you re-develop and healthy approach to you relationship with your own body and the food you eat, allowing you to feel at peace and in control once more.