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Liz Hargreaves @ Tranquil Mind 

Hypnobirthing & Antenatal Teacher, Clinical Hypnotherapist 

Reiki Practitioner 

A Step in the Right Direction


“Difficulties are just things to overcome, after all.”

Sir Ernest Henry Shackleton


Liz Hargreaves

Helping You Change Your Life

Liz Hargreaves is an experienced hypnosis practitioner and Reiki Practitioner, providing the clinical help and the tools you need to reach your goals. With 6 years practice behind her she is able to help.  Whether it is an addiction, trauma, anxiety or stress you’re struggling with, or a new milestone you want to achieve, you’ll notice a difference after only 1 or 2 sessions. Hypnotherapy can help with so many things. Reach out today for more information or to set up an appointment.  Liz offers a free consultation service with no obligation at all. What have you got to lose? Come and have a chat.


Treatments @ Tranquil Mind Hypnotherapy

The Way Forward

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You Are in Control

Through the power of suggestion, you’ll enter a receptive state as you begin to focus on what you need to do in order to overcome addictions. You’ll remain fully in control throughout the process of uncovering what’s holding you back.

Hypnobirthing & Antenatal Classes

Empowered experience of Childbirth 

I teach more than just relaxation techniques to expectant parents. I teach them what to expect and what is happening in the female body during birth. I encourage birth partners to take up their role of protecting the labouring mother’s space allowing her to concentrate on the job of giving birth. My aim is to enlighten parents and get rid of some of their fears, and then I show them how to relax. After all who can relax when they have no idea what is happening and they are scared of what might happen. Relaxation is a massive part of the expeience but so is knowlege.

So lets start spreading the word – birth does not have to be tramatic and medicalised, it can be relished as part of the whole process and it can be something that a couple go through together.

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Reiki Treatment

Improve Self Esteem

You Have the Power

Delve into the subconscious mind to shift the mental blocks stopping you from being able to Improve Self Esteem. The hypnotic state makes it much easier to explore painful thoughts, feelings or memories and start working to overcome them.


Access Your Inner Healing

Reiki is a form of alternative therapy commonly referred to as energy healing. It emerged in Japan in the late 1800's and is said to involve the channelling of universal energy through the practitioner's palms to their patient.

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Positive Thinking Training

Changing the way you think 

If your body was unhealthy you would exercise it to get strong and healthy, this course is the equivalent for your brain. 
Your brain is the central organ for your entire nervous system, it interprets information from outside sources and is considered to be the essence of the mind and soul. Our brains are incredible.  But most of us do not realise that we can chose how to use our brains.


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